David Quigley
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Mouse datasets

Data Format

FVBBX mouse data sets

Each data set is the result of producing FVBBX mice, where inbred parental FVB/N are crossed with SPRET/Ei; then the F1 generation of offspring back-crossed to male FVB/N).
DMBA/TPA refers to the DMBA/TPA carcinogenesis protocol.
Raw data links to the Affymetrix CEL files hosted on the NCBI's GEO website.

Description number raw data CARMEN format platform name GEO platform
normal tail skin 71 GSE12248 GSE12248.zip M430 2.0 GPL1261
papillomas from FVBBX mice, DMBA/TPA 68 GSE21263 GSE21263.zip M430 2.0 GPL1261
squamous cell carcinomas, DMBA/TPA 60 GSE21247 GSE21247.zip M430 2.0 GPL1261
normal mammary tissue 115 GSE46077 GSE46077.zip MoGene 1.1 st GPL11533
Benign, primary, and metastatic tumours
and matched dorsal skin, DMBA/TPA
112 GSE63967 GSE63967.zip MoGene 1.1 st GPL11533


These data were all generated in Allan Balmain's laboratory at UCSF.

If you use the normal tail skin data, please cite Quigley et al. Nature 2009.
If you use the papilloma or squamous cell carcinoma data, please cite Quigley et al. Genome Biology 2011.
If you use the normal mammary tissue data, please cite Sjolund et al. PNAS 2014.
If you use the benign, primary, metastatic, normal data please cite McCreery et al. Nature Medicine 2015